In the mid 1970s, an American guy called Burke traveled to Scotland for junior year abroad.  In Metaphysics 201 he met a Scottish girl called McIntosh.  Their daughter Hannah makes animals out of felt and string.  

McIntosh  & Burke animals are handmade in Washington, DC.  Each unique  animal is made from wool felt and their clothes are made from vintage and salvaged fabric. McIntosh & Burke’s foxes, rabbits, badgers and bears are inspired by the tradition of little rabbits having tea and bears who wear scarves in English children’s literature as well as Hannah’s love of tiny things.  

Hannah has worked as a nanny, a waitress, a political lackey, and has scooped ice cream.  She has blogged for universities and non-profit organizations and when asked what she does at dinner parties she's said "new media" and changed the subject quickly.   She likes making things best.  She lives in Washington, DC with her husband, her cat and her dog in an apartment littered with foxes.