Leaves, Turning


My littlest sister, Fiona, is in her first semester at college about three hours north of DC.  She turned 18 on Thursday so this weekend Dave and I and the schnauzer headed north to Pennsylvania.  We ate tapas and did the mandatory grocery trip to buy the student granola and tea.  It's not much farther north but there is no trace of summer left up there, it's well and truly fall.  Crispy leaves and cool breezes.  I bought a pumpkin and some mums to bring home with me. It's fall guys, well and truly.  

A Bit of String


A friend of mine recently ordered a fox in a jacket and tie with a satchel and she asked me to put a ribbon or bit of string so she could use it as a Christmas ornament.  It looks super rad and I can't wait to see how it looks on a tree.  I guess it's getting to be that kind of year. 

If you order any small M&B animal and you'd like me to make it into a Christmas ornament just send me a note and I'll add the string to ornament-ify it.

This Summer

M&B on Make A Gif

This summer I'm going to be selling at District Flea.  It's the first time I've done a craft fair and after this fall's soft launch (this?  what we're doing right now?  launching softly), I haven't built up enough inventory for a huge 10x10 space I'll have at the Flea.  So I'm sewing and painting and coming up with new products and other fun things to try to make McIntosh & Burke a brand big enough for a hard launch in 2015.  So pardon the radio silence and all the Instagrams of smoking bears as I stock pile foxes and badgers.  And if you're in DC this summer and want to hang out I'll be posting my Flea dates soon.

xoxo H.