Happy Friday!


It's been a weird week here in DC.  David and I are both sick, David has finals, I have a board meeting at work and we got a snow day in the middle of it all.  We got the tree and (while David went through his flashcards again) I trimmed the tree and the window and the throw pillows and the dog (before he rejected Christmas and happiness and scratched off his bow).  It was a great break from the week even if my throat was sore the whole time.  

Our friend Paul also sent us this awesome photo of his daughter Millie with her rabbit and her brother-on-the-way's bear.  She looks scrumptious and so happy (those CHEEKS).

I've been listening to the Christmas Wrapping constantly (because I'm the BEST to live with) and have it almost memorized.  Christmas karaoke?

Have a wonderful weekend!