Spring Favourites

Spring Favourites

After DC's snowzilla winter and a cool March and April, we're finally getting some warm weather and it's feeling amazing.  Here are a few of the things I've been drooling over this spring, clockwise from top:

This Must Be The Place Glitter Banner  The Talking Heads song was the first song played at our wedding reception so even though I danced to it with my sisters and our flower girl rather than with my husband it always makes me so happy and wouldn't this be stellar hanging over my desk?

Tiny Cat Ring In the summer I always want to wear ALL the tiny little jewelry bits. This ring would be perfect.

Tripod Fox Planter Our apartment is overflowing with Ikea Kardemumma planters in various sizes and this little foxy dude would break up the white without looking out of place and also he's got a little foxy face and is therefore the cutest.

Wooden Dolly Parton Magnet Saint Dolly needs no explanation.  My best friend from high school is going to see her this summer and I am so jealous.  I keep threatening to name my first child Dolly Parton Burke and MAYBE it's a joke.

All Bodies Are Good Bodies Wreath Because they are, because Grace Chin's paper flowers are gorgeous and because it's good to be reminded to fight the patriarchy on the regular. 

Temporary Tattoos Fox and Rabbit My little sister is getting married this summer and she and her twin both have rabbit tattoos since my siblings and I are, collectively, The Bunnies.  I don't have a tattoo and neither does our youngest sister or our foreign-exchange-sister-by-default so I'm going to get the three of us temporary rabbit tattoos so all The Bunnies will be tattooed with bunnies for the middle bunny's wedding.

Hey Gorgeous Peacock Cards Do these need any commentary?  No they do not.  All my friends are gorgeous land mermaids and whenever I send a card I want it to convey that.